Technology Rubber, applicazioni speciali gomma e metallo, Application rubber, Spezielle Anwendungen in Gummi und Metall,

Rubber and metal special applications

Welcome to Specialgom

Moulding technical rubber products

Specialgom specialises in moulding rubber and pre-treatment of assembly metals using rubber/metal adhesives.


We get our rubber compounds from the most prestigious and certified manufacturing companies available in the Italian market.


We create our pieces through a wide range of injection moulding machines and compression injection presses applying leading-edge technologies (injection, compression, injection-compression, Thermo-Regulated Transfer Channels)  which allow attaining 1200x1200 mm  maximum dimensions for compression moulding and 2,800 c.c. for injection moulding.

We manufacture products for fashion, wine-making, electrical, chemical, oil hydraulic, wood, agricultural and industrial transmission, transport, food, ceramic, painting, gear moulds, public order and urban design industries.